Here at Stoney Court Playcare, we believe in getting messy, having fun, and using our senses to learn new and exciting things. 

We also believe a healthy, clean environment is the best way to keep kids and families safe from illness. That's why we make cleaning and disinfecting our center a top priority. We have decided to go above and beyond the CDC standards by disinfecting the hard surfaces in the Playcare each hour in order to minimize the spread of germs. Soft surfaces like children's coats or blankies are separated in cubbies and never touch those of other children to further decrease the spread.


We know you have a choice in the care of your children. We've got kids too and we've built Stoney Court Playcare with every amenity we'd want to keep those kids as safe as possible. We have spared no expense to make sure your kids are protected and monitored using 24 security cameras throughout the inside and outside of the center. While no camera will ever replace the need for adult supervision, these provisions simply give the peace of mind knowing that your kids and our staff's comings and goings are always captured on video.


Again, sparing no expense, we have installed state of the art locks on the exterior doors of the center in order to protect the precious little ones in our care. No need to carry a key fob or remember another code. Simply set up your smart phone with our system and the bluetooth will do the rest. Only those we've set up on our system can get past the door lock and enter the building. 

Once you've arrived, you'll check in your child using our cutting edge app by either a unique code, QR scan, or our brand new GPS component where you won't even have to pull out your phone. At the end of the day, you'll repeat the simple process to check out your child. 


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