Owner - Director

Saralyn is a mom of six (five boys and one girl) and holds a bachelor's degree in family relations from BYU-I. She grew up in Mesa, AZ where she met and married her high school sweetheart, Redge. They have been married for 20 wonderful years! She loves running the daycare with innovation and believes in finding new ways to help the children feel smart, powerful, and secure while they're here.


Office Manager

Rachel is excited to be able to work with children and learn so much from them! She is 24 years old and has been married for almost a year! She received her Bachelor's Degree at Brigham Young University-Idaho, majoring in Child Development. Rachel was born in North Carolina and has moved around a lot as a child and now has ended up in Rexburg. She has worked in child care for a while and is excited to continually work with and for children!


Childcare & Training Manager

Danna Lewis is a graduate from BYUI, and has received her bachelors in Psychology. She was born and raised in California and has worked alongside children for many years and hopes to work with kids for a long time. This new daycare has been a big project and she is happy to be a part of it.


Childcare & Evening Manager

Brie is a student at BYU-I majoring in Elementary Education. She's an adventurous and loving person which has always helped in her work. She has been in the child care industry for about a year now and LOVES working with kids. The best part of her day is interacting and getting to know your children.


Preschool Teacher

Welcome Lindee Phillips! She was born and raised in Texas, but has been living in Idaho for several years. She graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Development and has been surrounded with young children for as long as she can remember. Lindee is passionate about teaching children and being whatever children need in order to succeed.


Childcare Staff

As a dedicated mom, Arianne naturally finds fulfillment in being with babies and kids. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, a career she hopes to pursue someday. Traveling is one of the things she loves doing, but her favorite place in the world is Hawaii, where she spent 18 months as a volunteer. In her spare time, she enjoys being creative by filling her Pinterest boards with craft and home project ideas. Arianne enjoys Idaho living with her Canadian hubby and their little boy.


Childcare Staff

Isabelle is so excited to work here! She loves working with children and is  currently attending BYU-I to get her associates degree in preschool education. Something interesting about her is that she grew up in the Air Force which meant she moved quite often. She can’t wait to meet your children and help them grow!


Childcare Staff

Jaime grew up in Rexburg and completed her bachelor’s degree at BYU-I in University Studies with an emphasis in Humanities and a minor in History.  She has spent several years working as an in-home day care provider and a paraprofessional on an elementary school level.  Reading is her passion and she strongly feels that as kids learn to read, entire worlds are open to them.  She is a member of the National Tutoring Association and feels her teaching strengths lie in the areas of reading, decoding, comprehension, and language arts.  She is an artist and loves all mediums from acrylic painting to sculpture to getting sticky with glue and glitter.  Jaime is an accomplished lyrical vocalist from opera to lullabies.  She loves babies and children and is a natural nurturer. Her favorite being in the world is her Corgi named “Emmett” who she bottle-raised and trained from birth.


Childcare Staff

Jena is a senior at Brigham Young University Idaho studying Child Develop. She has always loved working with children and appreciates gaining more experience in this field everyday. Her and her husband absolutely love Idaho and enjoy exploring the outdoors with their two pups Nash and Nala. She enjoys photography, painting, DIY projects, and kayaking. Jena believes children should be cared for with love, patiences, and in a healthy environment.


Childcare Staff

This is Katie Kelly. She recently graduated from BYU-I and is now helping her husband through school. She loves working with children and is about to have one of my own here shortly!


Childcare Staff

Maddi Heaps is 24 years old and from Vancouver, Washington. She is a senior at BYU-Idaho graduating in Child Development and Special Education. Maddi loves being outside, swimming, hiking, and playing sports. She love's children and have worked in many different childcare positions, she's also nannied for several families, participated in an after school program, and thrive's on watching children create new things and learn about the world around them.


Childcare Staff

Madeline is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying Child Development.  She has experience working at an elementary school in a special education room, nannied for multiple families, and worked at a home daycare. Madeline is experience with children who have special needs and is patient with them to provide the best care for them. Madeline values the importance of play and is excited to explore new adventures with your child.


Childcare Staff

Natalie is 20 years old from Texas, and has worked with preschool children as a teacher in the past.  She is transferring as a junior to BYUI this fall and is so excited to start on this new journey!  She loves dancing, makeup, and writing, and plans to major in Communications/Public Relations. She loves working with children & building loving relationships with them!


Childcare Staff

Natasha is 22 years old and has had the opportunity to work with children for over 8 years. She has worked with many different age groups and has learned that children definitely have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them. She is currently attending BYUI for a nursing degree and has always loved helping people. She enjoys the outdoors, reading, writing, and baking! She recently got married to her high school sweetheart and moved here to Rexburg from Washington state  for an education and is excited to get to know some of the amazing children in the community and help them grow.


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